Come January a lot of photographers subscribe to a yearly photo project. Some do a 365 (one photo of your life or your kids every day of the year), some a 10 on 10 (done on the 10th of each month – one photo per hour for 10 consecutive hours), and there are many more. Each year I think about taking one of these projects on – partly because I’ve spent the previous year admiring the shots of fellow photographers, partly because I simply want to document our life on a regular basis. But in the end, I always chicken out. It’s a huge commitment – I honestly don’t think I could finish one if I started so why set myself up for failure? Poor excuse right.

This year I made a simple promise to myself that I would take more photos around the house. Not every day, sometimes many a day… no restrictions, so no way to fail. All I want is more day to day photos of the boys (and maybe even Jay and I thrown in there from time to time). All that said, I’m going to try and post a monthly collage (just to keep me honest and motivated). I figure if I make a promise to post, I’ll follow through (even if it’s just one shot).

This is our January.